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Jay and Carolyn Custer

Beginning with the piano at age 3, Jason Custer has devoted his life to making music. In his early adult years, he played guitar for a blues rock band. He is a studio musician to this day.

His music recording career began with the original Yamaha 4-track at the age of 14. Over the years, as the music scene evolved, Jay devoted countless hours honing his craft in the industry. Transitioning to Pro Tools over a decade ago, Jay has mastered the science and art of this DAW. Jason began using Slate Digital products in 2015, and has now included Studio One Professional in his toolbox.

Jay strives to impart his skills and knowledge of the music industry to young artists struggling to achieve their dreams through mentoring and practical advice. His vision for the future includes community outreach to the youth of Detroit and beyond.

Dedicated to improving the community of Detroit through her work at a local public health agency, Carolyn Custer plays an integral role in the development of sustainable projects to impact people’s lives. She did her undergraduate work at the University of Michigan and received her doctorate from Michigan State University.

Her love for music began with violin and piano lessons at the age of 9. She picked up the bass guitar in high school, and played throughout college. She always knew her life dream would blend her appreciation for music with her professional activities, resulting in a plan to develop a youth community center in Detroit.

Jason and Carolyn met in early 2013, and as their paths meshed into a beautiful dream, their love for music and passion for service developed into DPD Studios, LLC. Hippies at heart, they just want you to feel a sense of comfort and relaxation while creating your work, stressing the importance of humor and happiness in every action you take. Come experience the difference at DPD.

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